The northernmost tip of Shikoku.An inn where you can enjoy hot springs and the fruits of Seto Sea view of Seto

【Official】Umino Yadori

~Enjoy a relaxing time at Uminoyadori, the only hot spring inn on Aji Peninsula overlooking the Seto Seto Inland Sea Umino Yadori~

<Hot springs One-day hot springs start from 800 yen per person>
Hours of Operation 11:00 am to 3:00 pm
It used to be the Heian Period."Genpei War Genji-no-yu" and "Heike no Yu", which are named after this place known as the place of the Genpei War, have two hot springs, an open-air bath and an indoor bath, each with a different taste.
The source water has long been generated by the water trapped deep underground in the bedrock that forms the Aji Peninsula, and the various chemical substances that are the source components dissolve into it over a long period of time.
The superb view of the Seto Inland Sea at the northernmost tip of Shikoku and the gushing hot springs can be said to be truly a “blessing of nature.”
Our inn's natural hot spring is characterized by its smooth and soft spring quality.
It also has excellent warm bathing effect, so you can expect a pleasant moisturizing effect after bathing.
The sauna is currently closed.
The open-air bath (Heike no Yu) is not available for use due to maintenance.

The sauna is currently closed.

  • The sauna will be closed for the time being.

    Enjoy Heike no Yu (outdoor bath) and Genji-no-yu (rock bath).

looking at the sea"Umino Yadori"

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Umino Yadori


5494 Aji Town, Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture

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Transfer to a regular bus from Takamatsu Station for about 45 minutes.About 30 minutes from Takamatsu-chuo IC.
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