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  2. Hanare Hanarenoyakata

Hanare Hanarenoyakata

A detached building dedicated to private accommodation "Hanarenoyakata"

Equipped with multiple bedrooms.Even 3 families can spend their time privately in each room.

Suitable for families and large groups of guests."Hanarenoyakata" is a private annex with kitchen, living facilities, private bath, multiple bedrooms and Japanese-style rooms.
  • "Hanarenoyakata" facilities

    • kitchen & living dining

      The main living and dining room is where you can spend time with your group or family.
      The kitchen is equipped with basic equipment such as a microwave oven and a coffee maker.(I cannot cook.) There is a refrigerator.Feel free to bring in beverages, etc.

      *You can order drinks including alcoholic beverages on site.We will bring it from Aji Onsen Main Building.
      *In the case of use with meals, meals will be provided at the main building restaurant.Depending on the number of users, it is possible to prepare another venue.
    • hall

      A spacious room with a great view of the outside.
      Sofa on carpet floor.Please use it as a gathering place for your family and everyone.
      There is a smoking space outside.
  • two bedrooms

    • Comfortable for two.<twin bedroom>

      A Japanese-style room with twin beds.
      The size is just right for a room for two people.
    • single bedroom

      Western-style room with 1 bed.
      The room space is perfect for remote work during your stay.
  • Pure Japanese style room and Japanese+Western style room

    • "Pure Japanese style guest room" with a garden

      A room with a great view overlooking the Seto Inland Sea.
      It has a garden, so you can relax and enjoy the view from the porch.
    • It corresponds to bed + futon mat.<Japanese-Western style room>

      A Japanese-Western style room with a great view.
      Approximately 11 square meters of tatami mats and 1 bed on the living floor.
      Spacious enough to accommodate children.
  • Private semi-open-air bath

    • Open the window and see the Seto Inland Sea from the semi-open-air bath

      Stone semi-open-air bath.
      It is like a private private bath.