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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a beach?

    There is no beach, but you can reach the sea in about 5 minutes on foot.
  • Please tell me check-in / check-out

    Check-in ⇒ 15:00
    Check-out ⇒ Until 10:00((We cannot extend the time)
  • Is there a golf course nearby?

    Yes, we do provide.

    Shido Country and Yashima Country are nearby.
    We have contracts with many golf courses in Kagawa Prefecture, so you canContinue reading
  • Regarding hot springs and baths

    At this facility
    There is a large bath, open-air bath, sauna (currently closed), and cold bath.

    Enjoy the gentle warmth of a natural hot spContinue reading
  • Do you have vending machines for drinks and cigarettes?

    There is a vending machine for drinks (beer, juice, etc.) next to the public bath on the first floor.
    We do not sell cigarettes.
  • What time is it for dinner and breakfast?

    Basically, dinner starts from 17:30 to 19:30, and breakfast starts from 7:00 to 8:00.
  • How many people can stay in one room?

    Capacity varies depending on each room
    There are rooms for 6 people, 5 people, 4 people, 3 people, and 2 people.
    Please contact us for more Continue reading
  • By what time should I check in?

    If you are staying with dinner included, please check in by 7:00pm.
    Last dinner start time is 7:30pm.
    If you are late, please call us by 6 pContinue reading
  • Is the large communal bath for men and women replaced?

    Those who stayed will be replaced by men and women the next morning.

    ((6:00 AM to 9:00 AM)
  • Do you have an all-you-can-drink plan?

    If you are using the all-you-can-drink option, please enjoy the form that is available to group customers.
    Beer, shochu, sake, soft drinks
    AContinue reading
  • Is there Wi-Fi?

    You can use it in the main building and annex.I'm sorry, but Hanarenoyakata is not available.
  • Is cashless payment possible?

    We are gradually introducing various cashless payment methods.Please contact us for details.
  • Is there a non-smoking room?

    This facility is "non-smoking in all rooms" in accordance with the Kagawa Prefecture Passive Smoking Prevention Ordinance.
    There is a smokinContinue reading
  • Do you have lunch?

    Reservations for meals are reserved only for groups and Buddhist memorial services.
    Please understand that we are not currently accepting reContinue reading
  • Regarding children's room rates

    Regarding children's room rates
    ・70% for adults → Supper will be a Japanese set meal((Small 4 to small 6)
    ・Adult price 50% → Supper will be Continue reading
  • Can I use a credit card?

    About the use of the card at the time of payment
    You can use various credit cards.
    (Visa, JCB, master, AMEX, Diners, Saison) etc.
    *Cards canContinue reading
  • Can I extend the check-out time?

    cannot be extended
  • Directions to the hotel

    About 15 km each from Takamatsu Station, Shido Interchange, and Takamatsu-chuo Interchange.
    *Please feel free to contact us for more detailsContinue reading
  • Do you have a shop?

    Located next to the elevator on the 1st floor of the front desk.Business hours are from 7:30 in the morning to 9:00 in the evening.
    We have Continue reading
  • Is there a parking lot?

    Don't worry if you come by car
    We have a parking lot that can accommodate 100 cars.
    Located on the premises of this facility((Free)
  • Please tell me the room type

    Guest rooms at Aji Kanko Hotel include Japanese-style rooms, Western-style rooms, and jacuzzi baths.
    All rooms have a toilet.

    The size willContinue reading
  • Is there a convenience store in your neighborhood?

    Family Mart Takamatsu Aji is located about 5 minutes by car from the hotel.
  • Does the room have a toilet?

    All rooms have a toilet
    All rooms are equipped with washlets
  • Where can I eat?

    Both dinner and breakfast are served at the restaurant or restaurant.

  • Do you have children's meals?

    Children's meal((Infant to small 3)

    Japanese set meal (with sashimi) ¥3300 tax included
    Kids meal ¥2200 tax included      Will be

  • Can I smoke in the room?

    This facility is "non-smoking in all rooms" in accordance with the Kagawa Prefecture Passive Smoking Prevention Ordinance.
    There is a smokinContinue reading
  • Can you see the sea from your room?

    This facility is a Japanese-style room, a Western-style room, and a guest room with a jacuzzi bath with a great view of the Setonaikai NatioContinue reading
  • fishing boat((Lure ship)

    There are fishing boats (lure boats) that depart from and arrive at Aji.
    Since it is a reservation system, please contact us in advance by yContinue reading
  • Can you arrange a massage?

    We are currently restricting the entry of massages and companions.
    Please understand.
  • Is it a hot spring?

    Aji Onsen is a long-standing natural hot spring that was first registered as a hot spring in Kagawa Prefecture.The view from the open-air baContinue reading

Reservation / Inquiry

If you have any questions, please contact us.